Update August 2014

Wow time is flying by.

I have been so busy in the past 2 months moving house and work has been extra busy.

But Im trying to find time to get on with rebuilding this website.

Other things are slowly happening too.

Full album MILESTONE now available for purchase on itunes and many other stores.

New project HOLOGRAPHIC PARADIGM… new soundcloud page…

Stay tuned for more updates.

Things are happening!

This website will be getting an upgrade with much more music available to download soon…

My soundcloud page will be getting an overhaul…

Tracks are finallly becoming available for SALE ON ITUNES and many other stores…

New full album for 2014 being released soon and for sale on itunes and other stores…



So its been a while since I have updated everything here.  Its been a busy couple of months.  But there will be things happening!!!

You can now download the Parallel Universe’ Album which consists of 2 CD’s.  One is upbeat and the other is downtempo.

Click HERE for links.

I will also upload all the Conspiracy Factor Music to this site and make it available for free download in the next few days.

I am also finally working on some new stuff!!

I am experimenting with some new and improved happy hardcore and upbeat stuff so stay tuned for exciting new music!!!

Please like me on Facebook if you haven’t already!!

New Album Concept In The Works

I have been thinking about some different ideas for the next album.

Because I have two very different focus areas I have been contemplating the idea of creating an alias for my chill music and seperating it from Bassfactor all together. But then I thought… no.  Bassfactor is all about creativity and breaking the boundaries of genre. And I have always ventured between chill and upbeat music. So I have decided to create a 2 CD album which will consist of two themes.

Introducing…. Bassfactor – Parallel Universe

CD1 – The Upbeat World

CD2 – A Chilled Dimension

ATB did a very similar thing when he released the album ‘Two Worlds’ which consisted of an upbeat CD and a chilled CD.  I always thought it was an excellent concept and now I am going to borrow it for myself.  Hope you dont mind ATB!!!

I have selected most of the tracks that will appear and I am finishing off a couple more so stay tuned for more info!!!


~ FREE DOWNLOAD *Universal Soundscape* FULL ALBUM ~

Universal Soundscape is the perfect comedown album.  After a big night of heavy bass, beats, and melodies…. come home and mellow out to a unique fusion of chillout, chillwave, synthwave, and chilled out dubstep.  With a variety of beats, beautiful melodies, and even a slight 80′s feel in some tracks… this album is definitely worth a listen :)


Music Update

Most of the music has been uploaded.  You can download my music for free on the Discography page.

There are still a few tracks to upload but they should all be up within a day.

There will also be 2 bonus albums which have never been available to listen to or download before.  These are albums from back when I started producing music. Alot of people enjoy hearing where it all started so I am happy to share these tracks with my fans.


Hi and welcome to the new Bassfactor website!

We are still under construction so keep checking back for updates!